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Our October baby shower - the LUCKIEST one yet!

posted Nov 20, 2015, 3:42 PM by Molly Sherwood   [ updated Jul 27, 2016, 7:07 AM ]
I call this baby shower the luckiest EVER because this sweet mom-to-be had been recently diagnosed with pre-eclampsia, and wasn't sure that she would be able to make it to her own shower. But, like any first-time mom, she spent a lot of hours worrying over whether she'd have all the baby must-haves before her little lady arrived. So her and her belly made their way, and it's a good thing they did, because sweet Adalind was born via emergency c-section just two days later!

Just look at all those goods!

Baby showers can sometimes be challenging because the involve family and friends of various ages who don't always know each other. And, though we all dread a cheesy baby shower game, they exist as a way to bring everyone together without forcing conversation. The guests at this shower were evenly divided between the mom-to-be's friends, and the grandmother-to-be's friends. That's a big age range. But let me tell you, ALL the ladies were loving the games we chose!

1. Guess the animal baby name: I designed a document with adult animal names and baby animal names. The guests had to match the adult to the baby name. Our
momma, Sarah, loved this game because she is a true animal lover and has her master's in biology. This is also a great game for guests to complete o
n their own time, between chatting with friends and eating. *SCROLL DOWN FOR THE ANIMAL GAME FILE*
2. Play-doh baby game: We've all seen it on Pinterest. It's all over Pinterest because it works! Everyone loved it, and the  grandmother-to-be's friends were particularly into this one! We had our guest of honor judge the winner, who received a prize. 
3. Baby-themed Pictionary: You have not lived until you've seen 15 60-year old women giggle at someone trying to draw "sore nipples". 

I also had the chance to experiment with my baking skills. I adore being a planner, but I enjoy baking on the side too. Check out these adorable baby owl cupcakes. The pink cupcakes are strawberry guava (Sarah loves guava), and the brown cupcakes are chocolate, of course! When you have 30 women in one room, it's basically unethical to not offer up some chocolate. 

I always incorporate a personalized keepsake for the guest of honor at my events. I designed this one to include predictions about the baby's birthday and more (everyone was way off on that one!), as well as some spots for more sentimental comments ("what I admire about your mom")... 

And, as promised, here is the image used for the baby animal game!

That day Sarah and her husband John drove home with plenty of goods, and barely had time to unpack it all by the time they welcomed their healthy, beautiful, TINY little Adalind. She is three now weeks old and just hit the big 4lbs! We all wish her and the new mom and dad well.