Essential Documents For Every Wedding

The ultimate lists of lists
Developed for your personal use in self-planning, or with our help, 
for a well-managed, well-executed wedding day. 
  1. Timeline - spanning the entire engagement period
  2. Guest list
  3. RSVP management list
  4. Budget - customized and weighted by categories of importance to the couple
  5. Venue list - customized to include venues within budget, proximity, and capacity 
  6. Favorite venue list - refined to include 3-5 top choices, with detailed pricing calculated for each venue and implemented into the couple's budget
  7. Micro-checklist - covering all the small things for the couple to remember in the 60 days leading up to the wedding (ex: pens for guestbook, marriage license, all items to remember to bring to the venue)
  8. Bridal party responsibilities list – save money by delegating!
  9. Wedding weekend timeline - a detailed living document with arrival times and to-do's for the couple, bridal party, family, and vendors 
  10. Photography shot list
  11. Reception floorplan
  12. Total contact list including bridal party, family, and all vendors
We prepare, present, and manage each of these documents for our clients. View our packages here